Flynt Hylls GypsyDark Superstitions

2020 Stud Fee - $2000

Flynt Hylls Gypsy Flash x Flynt Hylls GypsyFlynn

GVHS GV07270

GHRA B00001659

Accession #: H14-07282

GHRA Evaluation score 71, Second Premium, 3 years old

Dark Superstitions is a very, very nice colt. The pairing of Flash X Flynn consistently gives us some of the nicest horses we've seen from any breeding program. Dark Superstitions is the quality we look for to continue to build a breeding program of the highest standards and in keeping with the proper Gypsy Cob/Vanner. 

Dark Superstitions was put through the GHRA evaluations this spring and we are pleased with his score as a three year old. We fully expect him to score First Premium when he is more mature. 

DS has bred his first mare this year! We are expecting a foal from him and our very own Tribecca in October2017. 2017 Stud fee $1000.

Top photo from July 2016.

Bottom photo from July 2015. Wowza!!!

Updated photos from March 2015. What a super boy Dark Superstitions is growing up to be. And he is proving to have a great mind like his father. We are very happy with this guy. 

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