Bandera Avondale

Bandera Emma Peel x SD CottonEyed Joe

GVHS  GV04195

GHRA  B00002591

Accession #: H15-06224

June 17, 2015

14.3 hands

This lovely young girl came to us from our friends at Banderas Gypsy Horses in Florida along with her mother, Banderas Emma Peel. She is already developing into a beautiful young horse with correct conformation and it appears she will mature to 15 hands or better. Avondale, or "Dale" as we call her, is a granddaughter of SD Wooly Mammoth! Dale was bred to Flynn last year and has given us a beautiful black filly. See Indy.

Avondale will be put back to Flynn October 1 if not sold prior to that date. 

For information, Avondale's feather has been completely pulled out at pasture this year. See her younger pictures for an example of what her feather can and should look like.